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(4/20/2004) Fire up the Press

Friends and Supporters,

As the CD17 race against Chet Edwards heats up, one of the best ways you can help Arlene is by submitting letters of support to the editor of your local newspaper. Below you will find the email addresses that should be used to submit such letters. All letters to the editor should include your full name, address and telephone number. Most newspapers will not publish letters which exceed 300 words in length. Thank you for you help and support. Arlene and her campaign staff appreciate it more than you could ever know!

Email addresses for Letters to the Editor:

The Battalion (Texas A&M University):

The Baylor Lariat:

The Bryan College Station Eagle:

The Burleson Star:

Burleson County Citizen-Tribune:

Cleburne Times Review: 
Fax (817) 645-4020 
*600 Word Limit

Groesbeck Journal:

Hood County News:

Madisonville Meteor:

Navasota Examiner:

Waco Tribune-Herald:

On the web: