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(4/18/2004) McIntyre Endorses Wohlgemuth for November Election

Now that the primary is over, I wish to thank my supporters, my opponents and the people of this area for making my recent run for Congress such a positive experience.

I was gratified by the willingness of my fellow citizens to support my ideas with their money, their names and their hard work. And I especially appreciate the courtesy with which I was received by my opponents’ supporters.

Those who have not run for office cannot understand the pressures on candidates whose names and reputations are challenged in public. The temptation to take attacks personally and to respond in kind is enormous. I want to thank all participants for helping us to lift the debate back to the issues that matter: jobs, transportation, education, medical costs, government support systems and the safety of our nation and our people — and to who can address those issues best.

I am pleased that our political system has produced a clear winner in the Republican primary, and I wish to congratulate Arlene Wohlgemuth and endorse her in the general election in November. I am confident that she will serve our district, our interests and our values well.

I also count Dot Snyder as a friend and wish her well.

Thanks to all who took the time to hear my message, and especially to those to helped us spread it abroad. Please continue to promote the free debate that makes our nation great.

College Station
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