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(5/21/2004) Wohlgemuth Garners Support of White House in Race for Congress

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May 21, 2004

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Waco, Texas—Supporters from across the 17th Congressional District of Texas joined Vice President Dick Cheney at the Waco Convention Center today to kick off State Representative Arlene Wohlgemuth’s general election campaign for Congress. Wohlgemuth is the Republican Nominee in the race for Congress in the newly drawn 17th District. She faces Democrat incumbent Chet Edwards in the November election.

“I can’t imagine a better way to kick-off our general election campaign than by having the Vice President in Texas and at my side today,” Wohlgemuth said. “Not only has his presence helped raise thousands of dollars for our campaign, but it has sent a strong signal that I am the candidate for congress who will work with President George W. Bush to enact his conservative agenda for America.”

The White House has identified Wohlgemuth’s race as a top priority and has thrown its complete support behind her congressional bid. As State Representative, Wohlgemuth worked hand-in-hand with then Texas Governor George W. Bush to help pass the largest tax cut in the history of the state. She said she looks forward to going to Congress and working once again with now President Bush to lower the tax burden on American families, help win the war on terrorism, encourage job creation, curb lawsuit abuse, and strengthen the traditional family values that have made our state and nation strong.

Wohlgemuth said that Edwards had voted with the Bush/Cheney Administration less than 47% of the time, while he voted with the Clinton/Gore Administration over 80% of the time. “Chet Edwards comes home to Texas and tells us that he’s politically moderate…then he goes back to Washington D.C. and votes alongside Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, and Barney Frank,” Wohlgemuth added. “I look forward to earning the vote of the 68% of voters in the 17th Congressional District who supported President Bush and Vice President Cheney in the 2000 Presidential Election,” Wohlgemuth said. “The 17th District is home to conservative voters who favor lower taxes and less government, and this race presents voters with a clear and compelling contrast between two candidates who have distinctly different records in office. My record in the Texas Legislature is one of cutting taxes and reducing the size and scope of government while Mr. Edwards’ record in the Congress is one of increasing taxes and supporting big government and bureaucracy,” said Wohlgemuth.

In her speech at the event, Wohlgemuth highlighted a host of issues on which Edwards’ positions run contrary to those of the Bush/Cheney administration. “Chet Edwards has tenaciously opposed initiatives to reform our tax system and reduce taxes, including President Bush’s tax cut plan, and he has consistently voted against desperately needed tort reform measures, including the Help Efficient, Accessible, Low-cost, Timely Healthcare (HEALTH) Act of 2004 passed by the U.S. House last week. He has voted with Democrat Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi 100% of the time on pro-abortion issues, including voting against a ban on partial birth abortion,” said Wohlgemuth.

Wohlgemuth also said that Edwards has vehemently opposed President Bush’s faith-based legislation, which would allow communities of faith and churches to partner with the government to delivery vital and needed services to the nation’s poor. “Chet Edwards’ religious intolerance even led him to vote against encouraging ‘a moment of silence’ for school children to reflect upon the War on Terror. His voting record is anything but moderate. What voters of this district have to ask themselves is whether they want to be represented by Chet Edwards and John Kerry or by Arlene Wohlgemuth and George W. Bush,” Wohlgemuth added.

The event was a huge fundraising success for Wohlgemuth and brought in over a quarter of a million dollars into her campaign coffers. “I am pleased to announce that we have raised over $300,000 here today; an amount which sets the record for the most funds earned at a vice presidential fundraising event for a non-incumbent candidate. I believe that the tremendous support I have received, and the success of this event speaks volumes about our chances in November,” said Wohlgemuth. “This will be a hard fought political campaign against and long time incumbent congressman who is a gifted speaker, and who is skilled at thinking on his feet,” Wohlgemuth said. “But for those of you who want a United States Representative who is a proven social and fiscal conservative, who will support the administration, and stand up for the values and beliefs you hold dear…I have only one thing to say…I want to be your voice in Congress,” Wohlgemuth concluded.

Vice President Cheney’s comments may be obtained on the web at several hours subsequent to the event.
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