Professional Resume

Legislative Highlights

  • Authored and passed HB2292 – the sweeping government reform of health & human servicesAWBioTabloidMailer2kj1_a which saved the state over $1.1B – a major contributor to the balanced budget. HB 2292:
    • Is the largest government reorganization bill in Texas history;
    • Streamlined 12 health and human services agencies into 5;
    • Curtailed rising costs of expensive drugs for welfare recipients by implementing a preferred drug list;
    • Allowed the state government to outsource welfare eligibility functions to private sector companies;
    • Consolidated the delivery of transportation services in Texas to eliminate duplicative services while improving air quality;
    • Spends less taxpayer money on welfare programs, but allows a more thorough delivery of services to welfare recipients.
  • Served as Chairman of the Appropriations Subcommittee for Health and Human Services which had purview over 1/3 of the state’s budget; Vice-Chairman of Calendars Committee; member of the Select Committee for Health Care Expenditures; and Chairman of Budget and Oversight for the Human Services Committee (link).
  • Ensured access to care for elderly and disabled Texans by insuring that nursing homes and long term care facilities were included in comprehensive tort reform legislation.
  • Authored and passed legislation that allows Texas Veterans to expunge their DD-214 records, protecting them from the threat of identity theft.


  • Former Chairman of the Johnson County Republican Party.
  • Elected State Representative, District 58, in 1994.
  • President of the Texas Conservative Coalition (TCC): 2000-2003
  • Chairman of the Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute’s (TCCRI) Health and Human Services Task Force: 2000-2002
  • Initiated TCCRI’s State Finance Task Force which provided the basis of support for upholding Governor Perry’s pledge of no new taxes.
  • Member of TCCRI’s Board of Directors September: 2003-present