Listen, Learn and Deliver for Better Government.

There is a recurring message many politicians don’t seem to understand. The people of this Nation want to be heard on issues which affect them. The business of Government is to make laws and deliver services which make our society better for everyone. Politicians are called “representatives” because they are chosen and elected by the people to “represent” the values and beliefs of voters, and to deliver services which allow people to live better lives. All too often voters feel that politicians are “not listening” or “they are only in it for themselves” once elected. Arlene Wohlgemuth is committed to listening to the people of district 17 on the issues which affect them locally and nationally.

In March candidate Wohlgemuth will be conducting a series of impromptu meetings with the public in district 17. One day each week there will be our campaign branded marquees set up in regional locations such as parks, public squares and outside town libraries and hospitals. Everyone is invited to call in and have a chat about issues which concern them. The event will culminate in a rally on March 26th at which branded marquees will be set up. Each marquee will be dedicated to an area of major concern raised at lead up meetings, such as local Health Services, Veterans affairs, National Security, Education and Employment. Campaign policy advisors will be available at the marquees to explain candidate Arlene’s views, ideas and commitment to deliver results on these crucial areas of Government. Voters in District 17 are invited to attend, make their needs known and to meet the candidate for congress who hasn’t forgotten that National events affect local people.

Details on the locations, dates and times for the lead up community information campaign will be published shortly.