• Rein in and prioritize government spending.

    Whether it is education or healthcare, our limited tax dollars must be focused to achieve their desired results. I will oppose unfunded mandates for local taxpayers as well as huge deficits for future generations. I am committed to reforming our federal entitlement system so that elected officials can truly prioritize and control government spending. During my tenure in the Texas Legislature, I authored legislation that saved Texas taxpayers over $1 billion dollars, preserved vital social and medical services for the most needy, and reformed the state’s antiquated health and human service delivery system. In Washington, D.C., I will work to do the same at the federal level.

  • Lower taxes and reduce the size and scope of government.

    As the only candidate in the race for Congress who has worked with former Governor George W. Bush to reduce taxes, I know the keys to a strong economy are lower taxes and more freedom from government regulations. During 1997, I helped pass the largest tax reduction in Texas history. Most recently, I authored legislation that is credited by Texas Governor Rick Perry as helping close our state’s budget deficit without raising taxes.

  • End junk lawsuits and abuse of our federal courts.

    Personal injury trial lawyers are crippling our national economy, running off our healthcare providers, and increasing the cost of goods and services to our citizens. I have been an ardent supporter of tort reform efforts in Texas having fought to ensure that the “tort tax” is eliminated and that our vital healthcare services are preserved. I will help ensure that the next Congress enacts the strongest tort reform measures possible and does not undo the gains we have made here in Texas.

  • Protect the rights of the unborn.

    Being pro-life is a deeply held conviction I place above politics. I have consistently and tenaciously fought for pro-life gains – parental consent, notification, informed consent, mandatory reporting of statutory rape, and decreasing the funding for Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers. As your next congressman, I will continue our fight to extend the same protections of life and liberty we enjoy to the unborn.

  • Promote and defend marriage and the traditional family.

    Our federal policy can be reshaped to reinforce our traditional family structure and discourage the proliferation of non-traditional lifestyles. I will lead efforts to preserve the definition of marriage between a man and a woman, stop the legal recognition of same-sex marriages, discourage no-fault divorce, and end federal policies that discourage marriage and discriminate against families.

  • Improve education through local control and promoting excellence.

    The federal role in education should be limited to promoting excellence. I will work to support states and local school districts as they craft and implement responsible education programs that empower parents, teachers, and locally elected school boards. I will also work to prevent discrimination towards and support the efforts of private schools and parents who choose to home school their children.

  • Foster regional cooperation and solutions on environmental issues.

    I am not afraid to take on and help solve the tough issues that often pit neighbor against neighbor. During my first term as state representative, I created the Bosque River Advisory Committee to develop a regional approach to solving the pollution problems of the Upper North Bosque River and improving water quality for downstream Bosque County and Lake Waco.

  • Ensure safe, reliable energy supply.

    Whether it is nuclear, coal, steam, or other forms, energy is one of the most important sources of jobs and economic opportunity in this district. With the rest of the nation experiencing power grid failures and disruptions, I want to ensure that Texas helping to power the rest of the nation, does not put us at risk of power failure or disruption here at home.

  • Enhance Higher Education.

    As home to Baylor, Southwestern Adventist, and Texas A&M Universities and high quality community and technical colleges, post-secondary education plays a vital role in this congressional district and in our everyday lives. As a former member of the Texas House Committee on Higher Education, I worked to increase access to and the quality of higher education in Texas and work to make sure all Texans have an opportunity for post secondary education. I will oppose efforts to reintroduce race into school admissions and work to ensure that Texas A&M and Baylor attract the best and the brightest through high quality teaching and research.

  • Faith-based Solutions.

    Communities of faith are the first, most appropriate source of assistance to the less fortunate in our country. I will support President Bush’s efforts to open up government grants, contracts, and programs to faith-based providers and I will actively support the creation of a “Center for Promotion of Faith-based Solutions.”

  • Reform Government Entitlements.

    We need more responsible, conservative leadership on health and human service issues at the federal level. Entitlement programs are the single largest, non-discretionary driver of our federal budget, increasing our tax burden and consuming vital dollars that could be made available for other priorities. I will work to reform the entitlements of Medicaid, Welfare, and Food Stamps. By requiring personal responsibility, we can ensure that recipients of Medicaid, Welfare, and Food Stamps are responsible parents and take the steps necessary to move out of poverty and off government assistance.

  • Protect and Preserve Medicare.

    Our seniors have worked too long and too hard to have the federal government let Medicare wither on the vine. I have proven I can help contain costs within government healthcare programs by weeding out fraud and negotiating better deals with providers. By modernizing and lowering costs in Medicare, we can ensure its future without ballooning the federal deficit.

  • Protect our homeland and ensure a strong national defense.

    Winning the war on terrorism takes all of our resolve. I will stand with the President in supporting our troops. I will support increasing our investment, including increased salaries and benefits, in our regular and reserve military forces.

  • Support our Veterans.

    Having authored measures benefiting our veterans, I have a proven track record of standing with the men and women who have stood in defense of our great nation. As we make greater demands on our military, it is now more important than ever that we honor and preserve the promises made to them and their families by a grateful nation.

  • Transportation.

    By road, rail, or air, transportation is a key economic driver in our district. I have worked with transportation officials to identify, establish, and implement transportation initiatives that have made travel safer and moved goods and people more efficiently. Whether it is creating vital linkages between metropolitan areas and our district, linking the major interstates with an east-west route through our district, or continuing to improve access and lanes on state highways and farm to markets roads, I understand the important role federal transportation dollars play. During the last legislature, I supported development of innovative financing mechanisms to increase transportation funding. As a licensed pilot, I have also worked to support and sustain our local general aviation airports. As your congressman, I will work to make sure the federal government returns more of our transportation dollars to Texas to help build roads, support our general aviation airports, and improve safety.

  • Protect our Second Amendment Rights

    In past elections the National Rifle Association and Texas State Rifle Association have recognized my strong support of 2nd Amendment rights. I will continue to protect our rights guaranteed under the constitution to keep and bear arms. I have supported Texas concealed hand gun law and opposed efforts to limit the rights of law abiding citizen to protect themselves”