Endorsements, Supporters, & Contributors

Below is a list of just some of the people who are supporting Arlene Wohlgemuth:
* – Denotes contributor status only

Members of Congress

The Honorable Joe Barton
The Honorable Kay Granger
The Honorable John Culberson
The Honorable Sam Johnson

CD 17 State Representatives

The Honorable Fred Brown
The Honorable Jim Keffer
The Honorable Lois Kolkhorst
The Honorable Jim Pitts
The Honorable Sid Miller

Members – A&M Board of Regents

Erle Nye
Wendy Gramm
Bill Jones
Lowry Mays
Phil Adams

Former State Republican Chairman

Susan Weddington
Tom Pauken
Fred Meyer
Chester Upham
George Strake


Bill McMinn
Leo Linbeck
Dick Weekley
Dr. N. Jean Robinson


Louis Beecherl
Jan Collmer
Charles Wyly
Vance Miller
Kenn George
Harold Simmons
Ellen and John McStay
T. Boone Pickens
Cathy Adams
Harold Collum
Beth McLendon
Dr. Anthony Borgognoni
Tom and Joyce McClellan


Bill Powers

Fort Worth

Dee Kelly, Jr.
Dee Kelly, Sr.
Lee Bass
Perry Bass
Fran Chiles
Vic Tinsley
The Honorable Charlie Geren
Roger Williams
Marcus Hill
Lee Chapman
Neal Adams
Stanley Harper
Alan Harper
Neal and Sonja Adams
Ken Mitchell
Greg Solomon
Glenn K. Davidson


Kent Hance
David Hartman
Buddy Jones
Frank Santos
Rusty Kelley
Matt Welch

San Antonio

Dr. Jim Leininger
Tom Loeffler
Joe Pojman
Cindy Krier Taylor
Diane Rath
Dr. Gary White

Bosque County

Mary Ellen Boren
Helen Dozier
Dorothy Manly
Rodney and Sandra Joy
Mattie Derryberry
Calvin Hodge
Dr. Bill Trotter
Ann and Bob Smith
Fred and Gwen Owen
Gordon and Kathleen Wells
Midge Hammock
Vivian Ender
Dorothy Manly
Cecil and Bonnie Sedberry
Melvin and Leisa Musgrove
Edwin and Nelda Grimes
Joe and Charlene Holmes
Walt and Jean Lewis
Ken and Lexie Van Tassle
Jim Betts
Elmer Mulhausen
Bud and Jimmie Munroe
Marjorie Tucker
Paul and Sue Murphey
Gaines Stovall
Dr. George M. Hoover
Robert Wylies

Brazos County

Lynn and Marsha Elliott
David Carrabba
Louis Newman
Royal Benson
Pete Sulik
John Sulik
Ann Anderson
Phil Adams
Russell Bradley
Richard Smith
Ramiro Galindo
Doug Howell III
Don McLeroy
George and Meredith Waller
Jack Culpepper
Emil Ogden
Judge Randy Sims
Britt Rice
Red Cashion
Duane Peters
Russell and Norma Bradley
Allen and Frances Ater
Benita Williams
Debbie Capps
David Marion
Avery Goodgame

Burleson County

Bill Giesenschlag

Hill County

Susan and Jens Quilitzsch
Randy and Lisa Martin
Gerald and Evelyn Cox
Paul and Dorothy Wiseman
Maurene Reynolds
Paul and Marilyn Carpenter
Bob and Maxine Johnson
Scott and Pam Riddle
Pam Cooper-Riddle
Judith Hasten
Steve and Jan Piveral
Lee and Jerie Harkins
Jack and Cindy Shelby
June Bryant
Marchel Eubank
Misti Callaway
Kathy Davis
Michelle Courtney

Hood County

The Honorable David Southern
The Honorable Tonna Trumble
Clem Clemmons
Eddie and Jane Hewitt
Beverly and John Parks
Athan L. Tsakonas

Johnson County

The Honorable Bob and Marty Alford
The Honorable Troy Thompson
The Honorable John Mathews
The Honorable Barbara Robinson
Ron Schneider
Butch and Shelia Korb
David and Velda Songer
Shelby and David Hampton
Ron Gieser
Jerry and Mary Kennemer
Russ and J.G. Richardson
Shanda Perkins
Art Brucks
Dean and Carol Paret
Don Standley
Chuck and Nita Jordan
Mac Hill
Kathy Neill
Carol Lacey
Guy James
John and Anne Settle
David and Myra Davenport
Doris and James Couch
Alton and Carol Flynn
Chuck and Nita Jordan
Jerry and Maryanne Wheatley
Mickey and Regena Morris
Dr. Dallas and Darla Dill
John and Gloria Gillaspie
The Honorable Byron Black
The Honorable Mike Schmidt

Johnson County (cont.)

Sandra and Hal Hall
John and Darlene Wier
Mac and Ruth Ann Hill
Robert and Rebecca Roe
Jack McCaslin
Mac and Marion McClanahan
Evelyn Gustafson
Mary Norris
Roy Giddens
Pauline Buckner
Grady and Georgeann Storm
Diane Johnson
Fred and Pam Powers
Robert and Nell Gentry
Howard Dudley
John and Gloria Gillaspie
Jeff Judd
Merl and Beth Melugin
Joe Ed and Carolyn Spencer
Bobby and Caryl Woolard
Kathy Key Short
James Jenkins
Dr. Robert Shaw
Dr. Paul and Nelda Hendon
Neal Logan
J.D. and Peggy Maxfield
Mike and Gayle Anderson
Randy Sheridan
James and Marilyn Helvey
Preston and Sue Hundley
Martha Lindsey
Ronny Korb
E.J. and Larue Barnes

Madison County

Lloyd Carter
Durrell & Mary Gray

McLennan County

Oneta and J.B. Leutwyler
John and Linda Hatchel
Othel Neely
Bill Warren*
Wayne and Barbara Purselley
Joe Bob and Anne Whitt
Beverly Denton
Rev. Romero Pena
Marilyn & Rufus Scott
Iris Freeman
Doyle Helms
Gertrude Matte
Glenda M. Smith
Carolyn Thompson
Clayton Hensley
Gloria Lewis
Jo Ann Gaylor
Keith Gaylor
Jean Gaylor
Nancy Bradley
Lil & J.B. Owens
Greg & Lily Oubre
James Frazier
James B. Hansen
Donna Garner
N.A. McNiel
Laura Groome

Somervell County

Bob and Barbara Lancaster
Marilyn Phillips
Helen Kerwin
Donna and Stephen Schott
Bill and Laverne Thompson
Jeff and Kristi Bise
Clara Butler

Republican Leaders and
Other Elected Officials

National Committeewoman Denise McNamara
National Committeeman Tim Lambert
Eva & Ramsey Farley
Wayne Hamilton
Jack and Becky Farrar
The Honorable Talmadge Heflin
The Honorable Phil King
The Honorable Linda Harper-Brown
The Honorable Bob Griggs
The Honorable Betty Brown
The Honorable Martha Wong
The Honorable Larry Taylor
The Honorable Mary Denny
The Honorable Jodie Laubenberg
The Honorable Steve Ogden *
The Honorable Jerry Madden
Ernie Angelo
Rodger Lewis
Tom Tyler – Texas Taxpayers Assc.