Why Custom Candy Makes the Perfect Wedding Favour

Do you have a wedding planned? Are you worried about what you’re going to offer as party favours to your guests? Perhaps you’re already over-budget and you’re looking for an affordable alternative? Well, we may just have the perfect idea for you.  

The fact is, when it comes to wedding favours, you shouldn’t be spending out too much money on your guests. They don’t need anything extravagant. Trust us, they’re going to having an incredible time as it is watching their favourite people get married.  

Instead, you should focus more on feeding them properly! Some good food and plenty of drink is all the party favour you need. However, what about a little candy treat? If you go through a company like Candy Kitchen, you can have your very own personalised wedding candies for everyone to enjoy! It’s a cost-saving alternative that will go down a treat!  

Your special day made better with special candy  

Something as simple as having “Groom’s name” *heart* “Bride’s name” on a sweetie with some beautiful colours could really work well. It’s your special day and having these cute sweets scattered around on every dinner table would be a wonderful addition. It’s in keeping with the wedding celebrations, and it offers a little something extra between meals! That, and all of the kids can run around scrounging more candy from those who are “trying to watch their figure.” Everyone’s a winner!  

gift box chocolate

Add a little more colour to you event  

It’s likely that you’ve already got your wedding colours picked out. The bride’s maids have their dresses, and all of the groomsmen have their matching ties. So, wouldn’t it be nice to have some personalised candies which share the same colour? It will add more synchronicity to the event and it’s the little details like that which really make all the difference.  

Plenty of flavour  

Are you having a summer wedding? Then you can’t go wrong with passion fruit flavoured sweets. Or perhaps some Butterscotch for a winter wedding? Whatever the case, there are plenty of customisation options that you can choose from. Just make sure that you settle on something which most people will enjoy. Don’t go busting out the liquorice unless you’re absolutely certain that everyone attending your wedding is really weird!  


Again, this will give you one less thing to worry about. Party favours can end up becoming incredibly expensive if you think about it too much. Instead, some gorgeous custom-made candy presented in little decorative boxes will be all the favour you need. Again, just worry about feeding your guests and putting plenty of booze in front of them. That’s all they really need to have an incredible time. You worry about everything else, and let the candy speak for itself.  

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