A Cleaner That’s Right for you

house-cleaningThe popular demand for cleaning service had lead to an explosion in new startup companies throughout the country. And why not, it’s an easy business to get started in. A few cloths and some detergent. A duster, a brush, maybe an old vacuum cleaner and viola, a ready made, fully functioning business ready to make you a fortune in no time. Maybe not.

Truth is, cleaning companies are as complex as any other business. If the company is to be successful it has to offer customers a valuable, reliable service, and this is where it all goes wrong for a lot of startups.

houseDaily, monthly, and yearly contracts all look super lucrative at the outset, and many new business owners fall into the trap of taking on more than they can handle. It’s difficult to turn work away, even if you don’t have the resources to do so, but to fall through on a job is way more damaging to a business.  Also, the nature of cleaning work sometimes means offering employees ad-hoc hours.  This may suit a lot of people: stay-at-home moms, retirees, students, etc, but many are not looking  to commit on a long term basis. If a company has good regular customers it’s wise to have a dedicated team working the same spot, but cleaning companies tend to have a high turnover of staff, and this can potentially lead to misunderstanding on the job. That’s something nobody wants, especially if it’s a respected client.

cleaningSo, as  customers, how do we avoid choosing a company that might let us down. First thing is check how long a business has been running. If it has a pedigree chances are someone is doing something right. Next, ask for a short contract to test the water. Maybe even ask for a one-off clean or a one month deal. Get to know the cleaner a little. Not a third degree interrogation, but a gentle probe for info:

How long you been doing this job? You a student? Really? When does your course finish?

It’s wise to know what kind of person you’re letting into your sacred spaces, and you might just determine whether this person will still be around six months from now. If we must vet someone before they start work in our home we don’t want to start the process again at some vague point in the future.

Also, without being too nosey, it’s worthwhile finding out what a cleaner thinks of their boss. Even if you have a fantastic cleaner and the both of you have a great relationship, there’s little you can do to fix a bad management issue – except possibly telling the employer how happy you are with the employee.

Ultimately there are many professional businesses out there that won’t let you down. Companies like Calibre Cleaning who have a great track record will always fulfil their obligations. However, as a customer,it does spay to be a bit selective, and knowing the signs to look out for should help you choose a company that’s right for your needs.