Why Custom Candy Makes the Perfect Wedding Favour

Do you have a wedding planned? Are you worried about what you’re going to offer as party favours to your guests? Perhaps you’re already over-budget and you’re looking for an affordable alternative? Well, we may just have the perfect idea for you.

The fact is, when it comes to wedding favours, you shouldn’t be spending out too much money on your guests. They don’t need anything extravagant. Trust us, they’re going to having an incredible time as it is watching their favourite people get married.  

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How to remove unwanted trees safely

Trees may help a place look more scenic and healthy but excess of everything is bad. Imagine that trees surround your house and there is barely any way to pass around the home, then what will you do? The answer is that you will try to remove these trees that are not just blocking the way inside and outside your home but may be blocking the sunlight. The blockage of sunlight will also be regarded as unhealthy and dull because of a lack of natural light. All you will be left with is a home in a jungle like place, even it may be in the middle of the desert.

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Our 3 Favourite Pool Games to Help Your Little Ones Learn How to Swim

swimming Is there anything better than watching your children grow and develop into little people, learning new skills as they go, feeling incredibly pleased with themselves every time they master something different? It’s a wonderful feeling indeed, which is why we are going to share some fun and exciting games which you can place with your little ones in the swimming pool in order to tire them out, whilst teaching them to swim at the same time! Continue reading

The Very Best Event Management Companies Boast These 5 Qualities

management skill

If you’re looking for the best event management company to help you with your event, then you’re going to need to look for one which possess the following 5 qualities. It’s difficult to find the right fit for you, given that there are so many companies out there each claiming to be the best. We believe that the proof is in the pudding and that if you want to find the best, you have to settle for nothing less than that. Continue reading

What an Interior Designer can do for you

interior-designWe all want a beautiful home, and most people have a general sense of what type of style or decor they want in their home. But having the time and energy to get things the way we want is easier said than done. There are so many influences when it comes to home interiors that just getting a general idea or theme can sometimes be a head-boggling task, and there’s always the danger of not knowing where to start or worse, not knowing when to stop. Continue reading

The rise of the Promotional Professional 

eventSome people just have a certain way about them. We’ve all meet them at some time or another: charming, funny, attractive, sincere.  People who just love to be in the middle of things. Party people. Social cats. Where would we be without them? They’re wonderful to have around, and always bring a bit of sparkle to any occasion. Wouldn’t it be great if we could give them a call anytime? How fantastic would it be if they would turn up at our events and meetings? Help liven things up a little. Continue reading

A Cleaner That’s Right for you

house-cleaningThe popular demand for cleaning service had lead to an explosion in new startup companies throughout the country. And why not, it’s an easy business to get started in. A few cloths and some detergent. A duster, a brush, maybe an old vacuum cleaner and viola, a ready made, fully functioning business ready to make you a fortune in no time. Maybe not. Continue reading

When Your Fascia’s Start To Look Tatty

gutterWe all like our property to look great inside and out but, for some reason, there are things that just don’t seem to catch the eye until they become an obvious problem. A home’s fascia is one of those things. If it is wooden, the elements will eventually break it down, and because it takes so long, we tend not to notice the decay. Sun and rain will gradually blister paint and dry out wood, and there will come a point when no amount of restorative work can salvage it. Even plastic fascia has its limitations. Harsh sunlight and changes in temperature can eventually bleach and warp the material leaving it unsightly and irreparable. Metal also will at some point begin to show signs of wear and tear – excessive exposure to wet climates, particularly in coastal areas, will slowly tarnish and rust even galvanised steel surfaces.

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